Following research into the most demanding professional screw driving applications, DEWALT® has today announced the introduction of its Impact Torsion screw driving bits, in conjunction with the release of the company’s innovative 10X Magnetic Screw Lock™ System.

Optimised for heavy duty impact screw driving applications such as framing metal studs, HVAC installation or deck building, the new DEWALT Impact Torsion bits feature a reflex core, engineered to flex up to 15 degrees under high torque loads – resulting in significantly longer bit life (63% longer compared to the current DEWALT impact screw driver bit range).

Developed following the measurement of more than 3,000 screws, and manufactured to withstand the most aggressive fastening applications, Impact Torsion bits are CNC precision-machined and designed to provide the best fit between the bit tip and the screw, allowing the shaft of the screw driver bit to flex and absorb the impact driver torque spikes – ensuring consistency of fixing and helping to prevent the inconvenience of stripped, rounded screw heads or broken screw driver bits.

The DEWALT 10X Magnetic Screw Lock System* features a powerful floating ring magnet with ten times the strength of a standard bit tip holder, which holds the screw securely on the bit tip, so the user no longer needs to struggle to hold the screw in place – minimising drops and reducing wobble or slippage. The system also incorporates a bit holder for 50mm screw driver bits and a long reach bit holder for 25mm screw driver bits.

Crispin Catherwood, Accessories Marketing Manager DEWALT UK, said, “Research has shown that the most vital requirement for impact driver users is for the screw driver bit to keep up with the increasing power of impact drivers. The Impact Torsion bit delivers this. Additionally, the precise full fit head allows for the transmission of this power through the screws. Users looking for solid fastening performance, control, access and stability will find the combination of DEWALT Impact Torsion bits and 10X Magnetic Screw Lock system indispensable.”

Designed for use with Phillips, Pozi and Torx screw driver bits, the Magnetic Screw Lock system provides full access in tight applications, whilst holding the fastener secure – giving the user ultimate control when working at difficult angles or in confined spaces. The screw top also ensures easy bit removal, without the need for pliers.

Impact Torsion specifications:

Durable hex shank design to fit all impact drivers
CNC-machined torsion zone for increased strength and life
Drives 63% more screws compared to previous range
Precise, oversized screw driver bit heads provide a better fit between bit and screw head – prevents cam out, reduces breakage and rounded screw heads
25mm and 50mm Impact Torsion screw driver bits are compatible with Magnetic Screw Lock Sleeves


*The Magnetic Screw Lock System is only compatible with DEWALT Impact Torsion bits.


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