BC-90 is a highly effective brake and clutch cleaner. BC-90 removes dirt, grime, dust, leaking brake fluid and oils. BC-90 will remove brake dust and this will improve the efficiency of your braking system. BC-90 Brake and Clutch cleaner helps prevent any long term damage to your vehicle. BC-90 degreases metal parts without leaving residue. BC-90 can be used on mechanical and hydraulic brakes.  BC-90 can be used on brake drums, shoes, disks, cylinders and calipers. BC-90 can also be used on clutch plates, lining and discs without dismantling. BC-90 will evaporate over time. BC-90 will aid in reducing brake squeal and clutch chatter.

Strong action that cleans brakes and clutch parts
Removes dirt, grime, dust, fluids, oils and other containments
Can be used as a solvent cleaner and degreaser of metal parts
Free from CFCs
Evaporates leaving no residue
Ease brake squeal and clutch chatter
Use without dismantling brakes and clutches