ESC is multipurpose industrial electrical contact maintenance cleaner. ESC electrical contact cleaner spray is ideal for cleaning electrical contacts that are not making full surface contact. ESC electrical contact cleaner will keep the contacts operating at full capacity and prolong the contact life with its anti corrosion and anti oxidation properties. Oxidation can prevent electrical current flow through the contact as carbon and contamination accumulate during use. ESC electrical contact cleaner spay is specially formulated to clean electrical components containing plastic parts. Electrical contact cleaner will clean electrical contacts, rapidly evaporating and leaving no residue. ESC is also used for rapid cleaning of electrical components, metal components – degreases, removes flux, oil, tar and grime. Formulated as a general replacement solvent for Genklene – 112 chlorinated products.

Provides a good quality cleaning of electrical parts and components
Residue free
Removes oil, greases, dirt and grime
Delays corrosion and oxidation
Fast drying
Gentle manner on delicate components
Prolongs life of switch
Effectively removes carbon from contact