WG-90 white grease is a high quality lubricant resistant to heat and water. WG-90 is resistant to steam, acid and alkaline substance. WG-90 provides lasting lubrication and protection. WG-90 has very good adhesive qualities and reduces wear of moving parts such as chains, gears, axles, locks, bearing etc. WG-90 is white mineral oil based grease. WG-90 is ideal for all general purpose lubrication. PTFE has been added to the formulation to provide additional quality of lubrication and a degree of protection for dry running surfaces. WG-90 can be used on metal, plastic and nylon parts.

General purpose lubricant
Reduces wear and friction
Heat and water resistant
PTFE additive for superior long lasting performance
Corrosion inhibitor built into formulation
White colour for easy identification of treated components