Heat treated blade for extra strength.
Expansion slots to dissipate heat and reduce warping.
Industrial grade Tungsten Carbide Tips retain their edge longer and are resharpenable up to 25 times.
Corrosion resistant coating for longer quality performance.
Alternate Top Bevel tooth grind (ATB) for cross cutting and ripping in all woods.


0501525 IRWIN Pro-Line 127x16x16-16/12.7 
10501526 IRWIN Pro-Line 130x16x20-16/13/12.7 
10501527 IRWIN Pro-Line 130x24x20-16/13/12.7 
10501528 IRWIN Pro-Line 140x16x12.7
10501529 IRWIN Pro-Line 140x30x12.7 
10501530 IRWIN Pro-Line 140x30x20-16/12.7