A quality range of Circular Saw Blades for the professional at value for money prices.

Precision ground teeth for smooth accurate cuts.
Tungsten Carbide tips resharpenable for longer life.
Corrosion resistant coating for longer quality performance.
Alternate Top Bevel tooth grind (ATB) for cross cutting and ripping in all woods.


10501609 IRWIN blade 125x16x20-16/13/12.7 
10501610 IRWIN blade 128x14x20-16/13/12.7 
10501611 IRWIN blade 128x40x20-16/13/12.7 
10501612 IRWIN blade 130x16x20-16/13/12.7 
10501613 IRWIN blade 130x24x20-16/13/12.7 
10501614 IRWIN blade 130x30x20-16/13/12.7