Designed for continuous and heavy-duty use, thsi machine is easy to move thanks to sturdy wheels and comfortablr handle.

Two stage pump with cast-iron cylinder, equipped with large inter and aftercoolers for better cooling of the compressed air.

Sturdy plastic belt guard that protect all parts in motion and, thanks to arge slots increases ventilation of pumping unite.

pressure regulator with dual compressed aia output.

Large intake filter designed to reduce noise and optimise compressor performance.

Four wheels, two large and teo caster, and a comfortable handle guarantee stability and easy movement.

  • Voltage/Frequence : 400 V / 50 Hz
  • Deposit capacity : 500 Lt
  • Pressure : 11bar/160psi
  • Capacity : 840 Lt/min
  • Power : 7.5Hp/5.5kW
  • Centrifugal speed : 1250 rpm